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“ I wanted to tell you how much I appreciate the consistent outstanding service I've received from Dante at Gems N' Loans in Oceanside. I've been a Gems N' Loans customer for years and your service is always great, for which I'm thankful. I spend a lot of time out of town and it's really wonderful to be able to deal with the same person on the phone and in this case, it's Dante I ask for. Dante has been extremely helpful and reliable since well before July 2015, when he became my main contact. He's always professional, personable, courteous, kind and always delivers excellent customer service that exceeds all my expectations. Dante is a true asset to your company and I look forward to continuing to work with him. Thank you so much. ”
Wendy C.
“ I understand that most people think Pawn Shops are a rip off but have you ever bought anything from them? I love Gems N’ Loans because I have saved thousands of dollars. Diamonds that would normally cost up to $10,000 in a department store only cost me $3,000 at Gems N’ Loans. They always appraise more because they buy for less. I do not work for them I have just been a happy customer for many years. ”
Kath M.
“ I walked in the door and Kursten was like a breath of fresh air as she offered to help me. Not everyone can impress a new customer. She did 110% and my order was complex. She took the information I gave her and was full speed ahead. What a professional! My husband & I want to thank her again. She made us permanent customers. ”
P. Ziegler
“ I haven’t really had a reason to ever use a pawn shop, but due to a few bad financial decisions and a couple bad people I had to grab a few things and put on my game face. I’ve seen and heard how some of these pawn shops treat people and was a bit nervous. As soon as I walked in, it was the total opposite of what I was thinking. I was greeted by this gentleman named Martin. Martin’s greeting was very genuine and because of that even though I didn’t wanna show it, I felt very comfortable… it doesn’t seem like a biggy I know, but things were terrible that whole week! While I was there I was treated with respect and professionalism. "
“ Did the best work I’ve ever seen from a jeweler”. “The precision on it was perfect. Would not recommend any jeweler except Ed Harp at Gems N’ Loans in Oceanside. He is by far the best jeweler I’ve ever met.”
Claudio C.
“ Great and friendly service”. “I have been with Gems N’ Loans for so long, from getting loans to even buying numerous jewelry from them. Joe helped me out in Escondido, then the moved to 2nd street where Otto helped me, Otto you the man, and then Angel, great guy. They have great and friendly services. Anytime I run short, Gems N’ Loans is there for me. I recommended them to any one. Ask for Otto or Angel, they are my guys. ”
Richard C.
“ “The people at Gems N’ Loans are great”! “They are so friendly and you can tell they enjoy helping customers. I bought a beautiful ring there…so did my mom and we still cant believe we got such beautiful rings for such great prices! Thanks so much Lucy and Jason for all your help! Oh and (Jamie) they do not work on commission, that is a lie…just so you know. ” 😉
" What an amazing place! " “ This was my first time in a pawn shop, and, well what a great experience. The store looked nothing like a pawn shop, it had a very comfortable, inviting feeling to it. The staff was so freindly, and very funny, you can tell they love helping people and working there. Like I said this was my first time in to a pawn shop, so i was understandably nervous at first. I left there with more money for my gold than anyone offered me from the previous 3 “gold buyers”. I will certainly be back and I highly recommend gems n loans in vista to anyone who needs a loan or has gold to sell. Thank You!! Especially Lucy, you are the best in the business and thank you for helping me get the money I needed to get my life back on track. ”
Amalia O.
“ You are part of the family”. “NO NEED TO GO ANYWHERE ELSE! I am new to Vista. Just having ended a 20 year relationship, and diagnosed as terminal with Lupus, one can imagine a lil’ compassion goes a loooong way to say the least. …Well, I am so very touched with the welcome, compassion,warmth and JOY Marquita and the “family” have blessed me with. WE ARE TALKING ABOUT A FIRST TIME CUSTOMER HERE PEOPLE! What a cool place! I had never pawned anything before. If you’ve ever been thru a breakup…ya’ll know how “uncouth” the behavior can be. Left with not much, I was walking in the store thinking, “great…more “loss”. I want you all to know that it was one of the best times I’ve had in a long time. What a crack up they all are.! They have an immaculate shop. They introduce themselves or one-another to you, and the coolest part is folks come in just to say hi to the family…because YOU ARE FAMILY there. ..OH! …and they are beyond generous in what they can do for you. They pay TOP dollar with a lil’ love sprinkled on top. …THANK YOU!…So much…:) I will be in with that Mole’ Mama’…the competition is on! ”
“ This review comes from the heart in a most honest and sincere way. Unfortunately, due to this unforeseen financial hardship of today’s economy, I was forced to obtain loans on my mother’s heirloom jewelry I inherited that is extremely sentimental and precious to me. Today (02/04/13) I had to re-write my loans in request for an additional extension. I was assisted by Jon I. at the Escondido store who went well out of his way to offer me comfort during my burdensome hardship and provided me with the most heartfelt reassurance that it will all work out somehow. He was a tremendous help in prioritizing my needs and confirming what is most important! He offered a great deal of support and made me feel like a human being…not just a “number”. Jon I. has continued to reach out in support during an emotional time of grief for me and my family. He has validated my importance both as a “valued” customer during the loan process and during purchases in the past, in which I have been thoroughly pleased, not just satisfied. I am highly impressed with Jon’s outstanding customer service and support, among the smile he always greets me with as I walk through the door! It is due to my pleasant and friendly experience with Jon I. and the entire staff at Gems N’ Loans in Escondido, that regardless of my current situation…I will continue to return/shop as a customer at G&L even after my situation comes to resolve. Due to the tremendous support and excellence in customer service Jon I. and G&L staff have provided! Thank you Jon and staff!!! ”
“ The experience was great. Plus they were very helpful and very nice people. ” “Thank you”!
Carole C.
“ Just wanted you to know what a positive experience I had at your Vista store a week ago. With today’s economic times, I had to part with some jewelry in order to make ends meet. I dealt with Jason Postelnek and Lucy Tirado. Both made me feel very comfortable. I was expecting to feel bad for being unable to get buy without parting with things … but this was not the case at all. I drove from the Hemet area to the store in Vista, as my sister told me how nice the employees here are. If I need to deal with this type of transaction again I wouldn’t go anywhere else”. “Thank you for having such wonderful employees! ”
Jands Farley
My experience at Gems N’ Loans: “ Just want to say that I had an excellent experience with the people at your Vista store. I was in a bind and I took my guitar and amp and ended up borrowing $100.00 Well today I went back and got my stuff back, but I really have to take the time to say that your staff at the Vista store really made an expression by first listening to my situation, believing me & helping me out. I will now tell everyone I know about your great people skills & service. I will also try shopping you guys before I go anywhere else. ” Thanks Again!
Robert Molina
“ Great experience!!! Everyone was very helpful and knowledgeable and took their time with me. ” “ Would definitely come back here over and over again. ”
Mary M.
“ Very friendly and knowledgeable people. ” “ There wasn’t even one time that the employees weren’t as helpful as can be – which was greatly appreciated! Will do business with them again. ”
Paula L.
“ This was my first time visiting a pawn shop”. “I have ever been in a pawn shop I did not know what to expect. I cannot possibly convey how much i appreciate the wonderful people working here. They helped me out so much! I was going to lose my home and they not only helped me with loaning me money but they helped me emotionally too. I was near tears when i went to them as a last resort and they helped. And made me feel good about it.”
Elena Johnson
“ I have had excellent service from “Gems N’ Loans. ” “ Very courteous efficient and professional. ” “ I am always provided awesome service when I visit “Gems N’ Loans.” “ Very friendly and understanding. ” “ I highly recommend Gems N’ Loans. ”
Brandi H.
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