Where to Buy Wedding Rings in Vista

Where to Buy Wedding Rings in Vista

There are lots of places to buy wedding rings in the Vista area. The good thing about wedding ring shopping is that there are lots of options, and nearly every jewelry store sells a good variety of wedding rings that come in tons of different styles. Below you’ll find several options for where to buy wedding rings in the Vista area based on your own unique needs and taste in jewelry.

Jon Shakarian Jeweler
212 Main St, Vista, CA 92084
(760) 726-1670

This local jewelry store offers custom pieces at good prices and is one of the preferred jewelry stores in the Vista area when it comes to high end pieces. This jewelry store is good for fine jewelry and other luxury goods, as well as repairs and other upkeep procedures that you might need on pieces that you have already. Located on Main Street in Vista, the shop is centrally located and offers a good selection of pieces in-store that ara available to purchase in an instant.

Gold Touch Jewelry
1318 N Santa Fe Ave C, Vista, CA 92083
(760) 556-1550

Another local favorite, Gold Touch Jewelry is a great place to get custom jewelry made or have pieces repaired. If you have a piece of jewelry that you love but might be broken or missing a gem, places like Gold Touch Jewelry are a great option for affordable repairs. The shop also offers a variety of pieces in store to buy, and offers competitive pricing to keep customers coming back for special jewelry shopping occasions.

Leo Hamal Jewelry Buyers & Gold Buyers
2530 Vista Way SUITE H, Oceanside, CA 92054
(760) 757-2000

Located closer to Oceanside, Leo Hamal Jewelry Buyers is a popular place to sell jewelry in the area, making it also a great place to buy jewelry at a low price that others have sold. Like Gems N’ Loans, Leo Hamal works with experienced jewelers to make sure that each piece is expertly appraised in a timely fashion.

Gems N’ Loans Vista
925 S Santa Fe Ave, Vista, CA 92083
(760) 732-3999

Similar to Leo Hamal Jewelry Buyers, Gems N’ Loans combines expert care with a unique and wide selection of beautiful pieces to offer some of the most diverse selections of jewelry in the Vista area, all at affordable prices. Our expert jewelers are available to appraise items that you might want to sell, and assist you in purchasing any items that you’re interested in buying. Plus, our prices are competitive.