About Us

Gems N Loans is proud to be a family and Veteran owned business serving Temecula for years. We pride ourselves on being a treasured part of this community. The secret to our success has been our dedication to crafting a Pawn Shop experience like no other. While many pawn shops have the look and feel of a thrift store, Gems N Loans destroys those notions and supplants them with a superior experience that only we can provide and only our customers understand. This begins with our incredible staff and pursuit of the definitive guest experience with every interaction. Part of that experience is being honest, friendly and fair with each guest that walks through our doors, creating the perfect place for anyone looking to buy or sell.

We offer extraordinary merchandise. High end items such as Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Rolex, Chanel and many others are always found in our collection. Looking for a Louis Vuitton Keepall or Neverfull, how about a Rolex Submariner or Daytona. These are just a few of the items we offer daily. Not only are they in our collection, but they are fractions of the cost of retail.

Along with offering luxury items like handbags and watches, we carry an almost unrivaled collection of jewelry. Diamonds, rare stones and more are always available. Jewelry shoppers are always shocked when they see our GIA certified stones for sale at a fraction of the cost of your average jewelry store. We keep GIA certified Gemologists on-site for consultations, appraisals, jewelry repair and more. We even offer custom jewelry design. So, if you can’t find what you are looking for, we can easily have it made. You wouldn’t believe how many customers, after a single visit, swear off shopping at a jewelry store ever again.

Along with the luxury items, jewelry and diamonds, we also carry a huge selection of electronics. Get the latest Apple products, computer, gamins system, television, laptop, stereo system and more. Our inventory is always refreshing, so our customers have learned the first pawnshop rule…”if we don’t have it today, wait a week, it will be in.” And it is bewildering how often this rule works. Need a certain kind of computer or iPad, check back in a week or so and the odds are we found it in one of our locations. We hope it is apparent by now that we offer a lot of options to buy…and we didn’t even mention the huge selection of gold and silver coins, musical equipment, tools and more.

Would you rather sell than buy? We will buy almost anything you are looking to sell. Feel free to bring your items to any of our locations and our highly trained staff will provide an honest and open evaluation so you can get paid cash today.