At Gems N Loans we like to offer our customers as many options as possible. What makes us unique and what creates unbeatable customer experiences are the services we offer to everyone.

Sell Your Items

Everyone needs cash, but not everyone wants their items back. Sometimes you just need some quick cash for some of your items you no longer need. Sometimes you have items that are too unique to sell on-line but know a trained eye will see the value. That is where we come in. Our highly trained staff will gladly authenticate any item you wish to sell to determine its market value. This is a very quick and transparent process. And if at the end of our evaluation, if you are not satisfied with the offer, you have zero obligation to sell. We would love for you to stop by today.

Custom Jewelry Design

Have you ever had an idea of a piece of jewelry, but have not been able to find it anywhere? Have you searched the internet just to not find what you are looking for. At Gems N Loans we understand. That is why we keep GIA certified Master Jewelers on-site. These true artists of the craft are here to turn your vision into a reality. Whether it involves using diamonds you own to create a special piece, re-creating a piece that you have lost, or simply making something no one else has…our Masters will get the job done. And at a price that will surely leave wondering why you have never had custom pieces made before.

Jewelry Repair

Are you scared to wear certain jewelry? Scared of losing as stone or having a clasp break? Our GIA Certified Master Jewelers can do more than design, they can save. They can save that ring with the bent prongs, they can fix those loose stones, they can re-size rings that no longer fit, and much much more. Why not have our jewelers make your engagement ring shine like the day it was slid on your finger. Remind yourself of its beauty and the passion that came with it. No job is too big or small for our highly trained staff. Stop by today and give your jewelry and your confidence the shine they deserve.