We Buy Gold

The History of Gold

Gold has kept its value throughout the ages. First being found in its most basic and natural state in the ancient world, it wasn’t until the Mesopotamians that we started to see gold forged into jewelry. This cleared the path for gold to be used to adorn humans and structures. As a natural response to its beauty and rarity, gold became a symbol of royalty and glamour in nearly every culture that was able to obtain it. Its brilliance and resistance to tarnish made the precious metal an ideal jewelry-making product, and eventually a viable currency. In fact, gold was mostly responsible for creating the concept of money, with gold coins being created in 700 B.C.

Why We Love It

It is this inherent passion for gold that courses through almost every society and definitely runs through our veins. When you come into Gems N Loans you are entering “North County’s largest public gold dealer”. Your gold is evaluated, tested and weighed in your presence, on scales certified by the County of San Diego, by our well-trained staff with a true love for this precious metal.

Why We Buy Gold

The value of gold is much more than just its raw beauty. With gold prices at a premium, now is the perfect time to sell! We are giving enormous amounts of cash for gold in any condition, including scrap gold and dental gold. Markets fluctuate, economies will rise and fall, but gold maintains its value and has been on a steady rise. Gold is worth 60% more than it was 5 years ago. Here are a few reasons to sell today…

  • If you have old jewelry or coins collecting dust
  • If you need quick cash
  • If you want to maximize market value
  • If you just want to diversify your portfolio.

No matter the reason, we are here to buy at astonishing prices.

What To Know About Selling Gold

Like diamonds, the purity of gold is measured in carats (K or ct). Gold is considered “pure” at 24 carats or 99% (or more) gold content. The purity of the gold is ‘marked’ onto jewelry by stamping or laser engraving. This acts a quality control stamp. Often this is done after the alloy is tested by a qualified testing laboratory or facility. Depending on which country the gold is produced, the caratage or fineness may be stamped into the item of jewelry. We go through great lengths to properly test all gold that is brought into our stores. Because of this, many customers who come in are shocked to learn the true value of their gold.

So be very weary when buying or selling gold. Don’t be fooled by some outfit on TV trying to scam you. Don’t mail off your gold, not knowing how much your gold is worth or how long it will take to get a check. You will never get an honest evaluation if you are not there for verification. Stop into any of our Gems N’ Loans locations today and get a free appraisal so you can cash in your gold within minutes!