Jewelry Repair

Do you have jewelry that you are scared to wear? That beautiful piece that is your favorite, but there is a stone loose? Maybe the stones are fine, but it is just dull looking from being so dirty. Sometimes, no matter how hard you try, jewelry can get damaged. At the very least it will get dirty. At Gems N Loans we would love the opportunity to clean or repair your favorite pieces. Let us bring your wedding rings back to life and inspire the passion you felt when you first put it on. How about your inherited jewelry? We can give that piece the respect it deserves and bring it back to its original beauty. Worried about a diamond falling out of a broken prong? Bring your items in today and we will get them fixed in no time so you can keep wearing them with confidence. Below are just a few of the options our GIA certified gemologists and Master Jewelers offer…

  • Size rings
  • Re-tip prongs and channels
  • Tighten loose stones
  • Reset stones
  • Polish jewelry
  • Rhodium plate
  • Refinishing of silver, gold and platinum
  • Replace clasps.
  • And more

Our GIA certified Master Jeweler can repair your heirloom and other pieces right on the premises. We offer complimentary jewelry cleaning. Don’t waste any more time worrying about a broken clasp or a dirty ring. You deserve to wear the jewelry you want to wear, when you want to wear it. Come in today and walk out with a whole new shine, both for your jewelry and your confidence.

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