5 Ways To Make Quick Cash In Oceanside

5 Ways To Make Quick Cash In Oceanside

With the economy in such an uncertain place as the coronavirus takes its toll on the United States, many are left wondering how they’re going to pay their bills in the coming months. With no clear end in sight, or no clear message on when things are going to be able to open back up again, lots of people are looking for new ways to make quick cash in the Oceanside area and beyond. If you’re finding that you need to make some money in a short amount of time, we’ve got a couple of tips for how you can do that right here:

Find odd jobs

Check out places like Craigslist or even your Nextdoor app to find places to complete odd jobs in the Oceanside area. There are a lot of things you can do, from running errands for the elderly or immunocompromised, to mowing lawns or even cleaning out someone’s garage for them. These jobs might not pay a ton, but the quick way to earn some extra cash might just be the answer you may need these days.

Make and sell goods

Lots of people are willing to buy things off of you if you put some time into making them. Try making things like bread or jams to sell to your friends and family on social media and within your social circle to make some quick money. You might even find that the time you spend making the items is time spent away from worrying about where you’re going to make money in the future.

Check out local pawn shops

Pawn shops like Gems n’ Loans Oceanside are a great way to offload extra stuff that you don’t need or use that sits around your house. You can get money loans quickly or even sell off your items for a quick profit at Gems n’ Loans locations throughout Southern California. Plus, pawn shops are able to stay open during this time as they’re considered essential businesses by the state of California.

Drive Uber or Lyft

If you have a vehicle eligible to drive Uber or Lyft, you can start making money today by being a rideshare driver. The hours are flexible and the company lets you work however much or however little you want, that way you can make money in your free time by driving people around. While you might not make as much as you normally would if people were able to be out and about, you’ll be able to have a strong foundation for a gig you can continue working later on.

Delivery Apps

One gig job that has more flexibility than Uber and Lyft these days is food delivery apps like Postmates, Uber Eats, or Door Dash. These apps let users order food items or other goods from local businesses to be picked up and delivered by a third party (which, in this case, would be you). In urban areas these apps often allow for bike pickup and delivery, meaning you would only need a bike to participate in the app instead of a vehicle.