5 Expensive Things You Can Buy In a Pawn Store For Less

5 Expensive Things You Can Buy In a Pawn Store For Less

With the economy currently stumbling into the unknown, many people are looking for alternative ways to make some of the bigger purchases they would normally buy from specialized retailers. Things like tools, antiques, and even jewelry are pricey items that you might not be able to afford right now, but still want or need to purchase. Whether it be for an engagement, a major life event, or just to finish a big project on your home, there are a lot of things that you can get in a pawn store for much less than buying new at a retailer. Here are just a few of them:


Did you know that pawn shops like Gems and Loans often work with jewelers to assure that the products in-store are both genuine and good quality? Pawn store jewelry shopping is great for anyone on a budget that might be looking for high quality pieces at a great price. These pieces are also often more diverse than those at a traditional jewelry store because they’re a collection of items that people have brought in, not items that reflect the most modern trends. This is a great way to find unique, vintage items.


Pawn store shopping is also a great place to pick up things like tools that might be too expensive in a home improvement retailer. Pawn shops only take working items that are not too outdated, so you don’t have to worry about buying a broken tool. These products can often be very expensive in retailers, but pawn shops often sell them at a lower price—and since people get more for their items if they’re in better condition, you can often find things that have never been used and are in their original packaging.


Yes, books! Books might not be the most valuable items, but that makes it easier if you’re looking for new books to read. Books are pretty expensive at retailers if you read often, so doing your book shopping at pawn stores might be more affordable, and the selections might even contain some rare gems or old books that you would never find in a new book store.


Pawn stores are a great place to pick up older antiques because people often bring them in hoping they can get as much as possible for them. Pawn shop owners and workers are trained in valuing these items and offer cash up front, making them ideal for sellers because they don’t have to complete the sale on their own.


Many pawn shops also carry a wide array of furniture. Where pawn shops differ from donation centers in terms of re-selling is that they often only have items of value, where many donation centers will re-sell anything in good condition. This means that things will not only be in good condition, but they also usually hold value.