Loans / Pawns

Feel Good About Getting Cash Today

Getting a loan can be awkward, exasperating, time consuming and sometimes uncomfortable. Being treated like a number on a piece of paper rather than a person who is in need. At Gems N Loans we understand. We pride ourselves on smashing the expectation of what a loan experience should be. When you bring in your items to be pawned our highly trained staff will provide a quick and confidential consultation.

Being a part of the Escondido community for over a decade means we have an assigned interest in the success of our neighbors. We want the best for everyone around us and this includes getting people the cash they need today. Lots of people need small amount loans for a short period of time. Banks are horrendous at providing this service. Plus, some good people can’t qualify for a conventional loan. We are not here to judge your past, rather we want to help your financial future.

And don’t worry about your credit rating. We won’t check your credit and our loans can’t negatively affect your credit in the future.

How It Works

Bring in your items. This can be anything of value. We love to offer loans on electronics, jewelry, luxury items, watches, handbags, the latest devices, gaming systems and much more. Just remember, the higher the value of the items, the larger the loan you will qualify for. Even if it doesn’t have value to you, it might have value to us, so bring it in and we will give you a fair appraisal.

Bring a Valid ID. You will need a valid government issued ID to qualify for a collateral loan. You will also need this ID to get your items out of pawn when you pay off the loan. It is illegal to offer a loan without a valid ID so please remember to have this with you and to make sure it is not expired.

Find one that works. Our well-trained staff will quickly walk you thru all the loan options until you find the one that works best for you. This is a hassle-free process. If after hearing all the options you are not satisfied, you are free to leave with your items at any time. Once you agree to a loan option, simply complete the required paperwork and you will be paid!

Pay it back. It sounds simple, because it is. Just pay the loan according to your agreement and your items will be immediately returned to you. Or you can simply renew your loan as many times as you want.

You don’t want to pay it back? You might find after getting the loan, the item is no longer important to you and you don’t want it back. That is fine…simply let the item go and we will take-over ownership. This will not affect your credit score since we never checked your credit at the beginning, nor will it effect your ability to get future loans. No hard feelings. We will happily continue to offer you our fast and easy loans.

With no hidden fees, secret wording in the fine print, etc…our loans are quick, transparent and very easy. That is why Gems N Loans has been Escondido’s Local Luxury Pawnshop for over a decade.