Why You Should Get Your Wedding Ring in a Pawn Shop

Pawn shops are a great place to shop for cherished pieces of jewelry that you’ll treasure for a lifetime. Things like wedding rings, while expensive and meaningful, can often come at a more affordable price. Many couples are interested in saving on wedding bands, which makes shopping at pawn shops a great way to find high quality pieces for a lesser price. Here are some great reasons to get your wedding ring in a pawn shop, and some tips on how to save the most when you’re wedding ring shopping.

Reason 1: Trusted Jewelers

Did you know that most pawn shops, especially Gems N’ Loans, hire experienced jewelers to work in their locations to help sellers get the most accurate prices for their pieces and to help buyers get the best deals on authentic, high quality items. The advantage to working with a pawn shop that has an in-house jeweler makes the experience that much better, as you know you’ll be getting authentic pieces that are accurately and fairly priced.

Reason 2: You can often negotiate the price.

Where box stores and retail jewelry shops will have a flat, fixed price on their pieces, pawn shops like Gems N’ Loans will often let you negotiate for a better price on pieces you want to buy. If you’re buying two pieces, for example, you can often negotiate down to a lower price on both and save some extra cash.

Reason 3: There is often more variety in the inventory.

Not everyone likes the styles that are popular in jewelry right now. Shopping at a pawn shop will give you more variety to pick from. If you like older styles or styles that are not found in jewelry stores right now, you’ll have a lot better of a selection. Vintage buyers love pawn shops because they often have quite a few vintage pieces to pick from, making the choice that much more special to newlyweds or couples that are looking for unique jewelry.

Tips on getting the best price:

The first tip on getting the best price is to know what you’re looking for. If you’re looking for a specific style, you’ll want to explain that to the pawn shop shopkeeper when you begin looking. If they don’t have the inventory in stock at that moment, they’ll know to keep an eye out for what you’re looking for and can give you a great price as soon as it becomes available.