4 Things You Can Find In An Oceanside Pawn Shop

Treasures await those who search their local Oceanside pawn shop for things like jewelry, musical instruments, and more. There are tons of reasons to check out your local pawn shop, but many find that they’re able to save money on everyday items they would have otherwise purchased brand new from another store. Here are 4 things you can get from an Oceanside pawn shop like Gems N’ Loans today.

Musical Instruments

Whether you’re a collector of rare instruments or are just picking up a guitar for the first time, pawn shops often offer a wide range of products from vintage finds to like-new things that ended up there after someone moved and wasn’t able to take their instrument along. Musical instruments, like jewelry, tend to retain their value long-term, making them frequently pawned items.


Just like musical instruments, jewelry is commonly found in pawn shops because it retains its value long-term. Gems N’ Loans is picky about what it takes in, meaning that you’re only left with a selection of the best items that come into the shop to select from. Plus, these pieces are often offered at a more affordable price than their jewelry store counterparts, meaning you can get something better than you would have imagined to be able to get elsewhere.


Tools are something that most people would prefer not to spend money on at all, but most people—especially homeowners—would do well with having a solid tool kit available at all times. If you’re picking up some basic tools or want to find a good price on a specific tool that’s more expensive to buy new, Oceanside pawn shops are often a great way to do that.


Things like coins, old maps, china, and comic books are common finds in pawn shops like Gems N’ Loans because people tend to offload their items all at once just to get as much money for them as they can. Specialty shops often hike up the price, but since pawn shops aren’t in business to sell specific collectibles you can often find rare or vintage finds in these types of places for a reasonable rate.