5 Reasons To Buy Jewelry From Local Vista Pawn Shops Like Gems N’ Loans

Vista pawn shops

When shopping for jewelry many people overlook the fact that there are more affordable options out there than expensive, trendy jewelry stores that only offer styles that are popular right now. While these stores can be perfect for the right person or occasion, not everyone will find what they’re looking for. Pawn shops like Gems N’ Loans offer a wide selection of jewelry from different eras, pleasing everyone from modern jewelry lovers to the vintage-obsessed. Here are 5 reasons why buying jewelry from Vista pawn shops like Gems N’ Loans might be right for you.

You have a tight budget.

We’re not going to beat around the bush—pawn shop prices are often much more affordable than high end jewelry store prices will ever be. The reason for this is that many of the products in pawn shops have been used before, but that doesn’t mean they’re of a lower quality. The good thing about jewelry is that it generally holds its value—meaning that a diamond ring is unlikely to become less valuable over time because it can’t really be subject to extreme damage. If it is, we probably wouldn’t take it anyway. Pawn shop jewelry prices allow you to get more value for your dollar, enabling you to get something nicer than you likely could have gotten at another jewelry store.


Many people are turning toward thrifting and reselling items for its sustainability. Buying used items instead of new is more sustainable, and allows you to learn to appreciate the items more as time goes on. Services that let you rent clothing and furniture, as well as resale markets both online and in stores are helping make your life more sustainable, so why not apply those same ethos to the ways you shop for jewelry?


Did you know that many pawn shops employ jewelers to help you customize the pieces that you purchase in their stores? If only to help you with your shopping process, the customer service available at pawn shops is often exactly the same as in a jewelry store, where a trained expert is available to help you make your decisions, and even make something your own once you purchase it.

Vintage shopping

Not everyone likes the styles that are offered in major jewelry stores today. Trends come and go in the clothing industry, and the same goes for jewelry where one style of engagement ring may be the most popular during a certain time. For someone that prefers a look that differs from what you find in stores today, or for someone that prefers vintage altogether, stores like Gems N’ Loans can help you find the perfect piece.

You just want more variety

Like we said before, jewelry shops tend to only offer what jewelry designers have made this season. If your taste extends past that range, you may find more variety—from cut, gem color, and style—in Vista pawn shops like Gems N’ Loans.