4 Things To Consider When Buying Jewelry For A Loved One

things to consider when buying jewelry

Whether you’re buying jewelry for a friend, a family member, or a significant other it can be easier to get the wrong thing than to get the right thing. Jewelry is usually fairly personal, and what one person may find beautiful may not be what someone else does. Fortunately, it can be easier to determine how to do it correctly when you take some time to research what styles, colors, and gems the receiver will enjoy. Below you’ll find four of the biggest things to consider when buying jewelry for a loved one—whether it be your wife, girlfriend, mom, or even just a friend for a birthday or milestone.

Do they have any allergies or specific limitations?

Not everyone has their ears pierced, and sometimes people try to avoid certain metals because they’re allergic to certain kinds or simply don’t like the way the color looks with their skin tone. Regardless, if someone tends to wear specifically gold jewelry or specifically silver jewelry—there is likely an important reason why.

When you don’t know what their preference is then take a look at the jewelry they currently wear and see if you notice whether or not they wear only one color or type—and be wary that some people have metal allergies. If it’s not important to you to keep the whole thing a surprise, it may be best to ask the person outright.

What type of jewelry do they wear already?

Beyond metal color, jewelry styles and gem colors also vary greatly. Do they prefer dainty jewelry over gaudy, flashy rings and bracelets? Do they wear necklaces but no earrings or rings but not necklaces? Jewelry varies from metal color to style and design, so look for pieces that look similar to what they wear already to avoid getting a piece that someone may not like. In general, you’ll know whether someone will really hate something if it looks nothing like what they wear right now.

When buying a gift, avoid getting pieces that will be more of an experiment for the person to wear. Let them buy daring pieces on their own, but stick to things that are similar in shape, size, and color to what they wear already.

What is their birth stone?

Part of buying jewelry involves being thoughtful, and purchasing jewelry in the person’s birth stone is a way to give a thoughtful gift that says you put more of an effort into the choosing process than you would have if you simply picked up the first thing you found that you thought they would like.

Look up the person’s birth stone before you begin looking, but if you know specifically that they don’t like their birth stone or would prefer something else than avoid that completely.

Be aware that certain gifts mean certain things.

Showing up to celebrate Valentine’s day with a ring box can send the wrong message if you don’t plan on proposing. Certain types of jewelry are generally reserved for certain milestones or relationships, so consider that when you shop. If the gift is for your mom for any occasion—whether it be a birthday or Mother’s Day—a necklace, earrings, or a bracelet will go far. If the gift is for your significant other but doesn’t celebrate a major milestone, earrings are always a good choice.

Most jewelers will be able to help you shop for the right gift for any occasion. At Gems and Loans, the employees are trained to look for the best pieces they can find, and can help their clients and customers find cherished pieces to take home forever.