Buying Valentine’s Day Jewelry In Vista? Read These Tips First

valentines day jewelry shopping Vista

Considering buying jewelry for your partner this Valentine’s Day? There are lots of ways to tell them that you love them, but buying jewelry can be tricky. We’re not saying that to discourage you from buying it, but to help you figure out the best way to approach your Valentine’s Day jewelry shopping so you get the perfect piece of jewelry. Below are some of our biggest tips to finding exactly what your partner will love, and your wallet

Create a Budget

Not everyone can afford the most expensive jewelry pieces, and that’s ok. There are tons of options for shopping smart when picking jewelry, even if they’re different from more expensive, traditional jewelry stores. Consider shopping at a pawn shop like Gems N’ Loans this Valentine’s Day. You’ll find lots of options from vintage finds to beautiful, modern pieces that are looking for a new home. Plus, they’re often available at a lower rate than in traditional jewelry stores—saving you money without having to compromise on quality.

Necklace vs. ring vs. earrings

Sometimes getting a ring may send the wrong message, particularly if you have yet to have a conversation about your future together. We recommend steering clear of rings if you’re in a newer relationship, because often the sight of a ring box can cause anxiety, send the wrong message, or get your loved ones’ hopes up only to be disappointed. Of course, if you plan on proposing this Valentine’s day that’s a totally different story.

Pieces like rings and necklaces are popular around Valentine’s day because they’re simple but meaningful. These pieces can commemorate a relationship milestone or send a message of love without sending the wrong message, but we suggest having a good idea of what color, gem, metal type, and style your partner will love the most before you begin shopping for any type of jewelry. Classic pendant necklaces or earrings are always a simple, but grand gesture—so long as you know what color of metal your partner prefers.

Don’t Know—Ask Around!

You can still keep your gift a surprise while making sure you get the exact piece of jewelry your partner has had their eye on for some time now. If you can’t get an idea of what kind of jewelry your partner will like the most based on what they currently wear or what you see in their social media (many people will follow their favorite designers on platforms like Instagram), don’t be afraid to ask their friends or family what they think your partner would like.