5 Ideas For A Memorable Valentine’s Day In Oceanside

valentines day Oceanside

Oceanside is a great place to celebrate Valentine’s Day because there is a lot to do, from strolls on the beach to fine dining and jewelry shopping at shops like Gems n’ Loans, there are lots of ways to have memorable experiences and give great gifts all from local experiences and businesses.

Beach Walk

One of the best things about Southern California is that the weather is temperate year-round. Enjoy affordable date experiences like walks on the beach to spend time with your loved one this Valentine’s Day, and finish things off with a romantic dinner along the water or pier.

Ocean Cruise

Also along the water, check out a higher end experience like a fine dining cruise for Valentine’s Day dinner, where you and your partner can do things like sip champagne and eat a high-end meal in an ultra-romantic cruise setting during the sunset or early evening. There are a number of cruises available out of Oceanside that are offered from local businesses.

Winery Trip

California is known for its wineries, and Oceanside has some local wineries that offer things like wine tastings or dinners onsite that have a romantic ambience for a Valentine’s Day date. This can be a great way to have a memorable date night at a local business that’s outside of anything you might do normally, plus wineries often offer affordable package options.

Jewelry Shopping at Gems N’ Loans

While you may not have considered jewelry shopping at a pawn shop before, we recommend checking out the local Oceanside Gems N’ Loans location because it offers a wide variety of pieces at affordable prices. Most jewelry shops only carry the most trendy and up-to-date pieces, but if your partner enjoys more eclectic pieces or vintage jewelry, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better option than at a pawn shop like Gems N’ Loans.

We pride ourselves on being highly selective about the pieces that we take in, meaning that the selection you’ll have to choose from will represent only the best pieces that we’ve come across in recent months. Because we’re a pawn shop, most of our prices are able to stay lower, meaning you may be able to afford more extravagant pieces than you would in traditional jewelry stores because you’re buying secondhand. Plus, buying second hand is always better for the environment than buying new.

Local gifts

There are tons of local businesses that you can support when Valentine’s Day shopping this year. From local chocolate and candy shops to locally owned flower shops that source their products from plants native to California, to local pawn shops like Gems N’ Loans that support the local economy by sourcing their products locally, you can shop smart this season and help out your favorite local stores.