Tips For Valentine’s Day Jewelry Shopping In Escondido

valentines day jewelry shopping Escondido

Valentine’s Day is almost here, and that means it’s time to begin shopping for a meaningful gift that will let your partner know that you love them. But where do you begin? And what kind of jewelry will be the best for your partner? Ultimately the answer to those questions will be based on your personal relationship and budget, but we can help you figure it out along the way.

Create a Budget

Obviously one of the most important aspects of choosing Valentine’s Day jewelry is your budget, along with what your partner will enjoy getting as a gift. Get an idea for what going rates are for different pieces of jewelry before you head to the store, that way you know what you’ll be getting into once you get there. We recommend checking out Gems n’ Loans for deals on jewelry that you won’t be able to find anywhere else, as we specialize in high-quality jewelry offered at a low price.

Know What You’re Looking For

Once you’ve set your budget, have a good idea of what type of jewelry you want to buy your partner for Valentine’s Day when shopping in Escondido. Spend some time getting an idea of what their favorite styles, colors, and shapes are before you begin shopping so you can assure you get a piece that they’ll treasure forever. Consider things like gem, color, cut, shape, and metal color (which is especially important to note any allergies they may have to certain metals).

Avoid Rings

We do recommend that you avoid rings if you have yet to get engaged, married, or make a long term commitment. A ring box may send a certain message, and could cause problems if you end up not getting them an engagement ring or make them feel as if you’re trying to make a huge relationship commitment before you’ve had a chance to talk about it. Sometimes a ring is a great idea, such as when you’re celebrating a milestone in your marriage or have discussed the future with your partner, but most of the time we recommend going with some other type of jewelry instead.

Know Their Style

You may not want to outright ask them what they want in a piece of jewelry in order to keep it a surprise, but you can get a feel for what styles they’re into before you go shopping. If your partner seldom wears flashy or chunky jewelry, we recommend steering clear of anything too drastically different to what their current tastes are altogether. Take some time to note what they prefer by paying attention to what they already wear or asking their friends or family before you go shopping for Valentine’s Day Jewelry in Escondido.